Are You Flying Your College Kid Home For A Visit? 3 Reasons To Arrange For A Private Car Service For Airport Transportation

Posted on: 29 November 2022


Whether it is just for the weekend or a longer break, having your college kid come home for a visit is exciting. For many young adults, going to and from their home and college is their first experience with doing any form of serious traveling on their own. While your kid might be comfortable with living on their own for the first time, they might still be apprehensive about going to the airport alone. Arranging for a private car to manage their transportation to and from the airport offers these benefits for giving them the best start and end to their vacation.

Avoid Costly Airport Parking

Major airports provide special parking areas that range from lots located far away from the main hub to covered spaces that are just a short walk to security. Parking for even the furthest lot can be quite costly, and your family might be trying to stay within a budget for the trip. Once you start looking at the rates for private transportation, you might find that it is much less expensive to arrange for a ride than pay for a multi-day stay in the airport parking lot. Saving money gives you additional funds to put towards your kid's education or a fun activity during their stay.

Promote Safety While Traveling

The airport parking lots are often covered by security cameras, but they may not always be the safest place for someone to arrive at the airport or leave their car. Thieves often break into vehicles that they know will be sitting for a long period of time at the airport. Your kid might also prefer to avoid arranging for a ride share or bus that could involve having to hop in a vehicle with strangers. Private cars are driven by professionals, and you can make sure that your college kid doesn't get harassed or followed by other passengers. Plus, they'll be able to know that their vehicle is safe at school where they normally keep it parked.

Be Prepared for Handling Delays

With group airport transportation, passengers must work with other people's schedules. This often means that your college kid might still have to leave for their flight hours before it starts boarding in the event of a delay. Private car services include assistance with tracking flight schedules. If your kid's flight has a delay or there is another type of issue that arises, the driver can adjust the plans accordingly. Being able to communicate with the driver allows for more flexibility that helps ease the stress of traveling for your kid.

For more information about hiring a private car, contact a local service provider.