Benefits Of Working With A Third-Party Logistics Provider When Dealing With Intermodal Drayage Transport

Posted on: 15 July 2021


If you have a company that has to engage in intermodal drayage transport, you don't want to leave anything up to chance or plan for this multi-channel shipping incorrectly. You won't when you hire a third-party logistics provider. They can bring a lot of things to the table. 

Find Optimized Ways to Move Cargo

If you have never completed intermodal drayage transportation before, you probably aren't going to know what methods are best for the cargo that needs to be shipped out to a particular destination. That would leave you open to a lot of shipping mistakes if you just moved forward.

A third-party logistics provider will be up to speed on the different strategies for moving cargo using different types of transportation. They can make the proper assessments and utilize real-time data to get your cargo set up for optimized shipping. These concrete plans should make intermodal drayage shipping much easier to grasp and manage as you go forward.

Access to Ever-Evolving Plans

Just because you get some plans together for intermodal drayage transportation doesn't mean these plans are always going to be appropriate. Your shipping needs may change later on in the future. For instance, you may have to ship out a lot more goods than normal or change shipping routes.

If you let a third-party logistics provider handle your intermodal drayage transportation, these changes that come up aren't going to be that impactful. The logistics provider will be able to deliver ever-evolving shipping plans based on the changes and areas you need to pivot to over the years.

Provide Major Notifications

Intermodal drayage transportation is a lot more complex than standard shipping, but you still have the ability to successfully manage it when you have the right data at your fingertips. You will if you work with a third-party logistics provider that can provide notifications throughout these shipping processes.

They can inform you when your cargo moves over to a different shipping party and also break down the estimated time of arrivals for these shipments. You can then make the right plans and keep your clients continually updated.

Dealing with intermodal drayage transportation can be a bit overwhelming for some. If it is for your company, you can just let a third-party logistics provider take over and manage it for the most part. You'll still be involved, but they can take away the difficult steps for your convenience. Contact an intermodal drayage transport service to learn more.