Why Your Shipping Company Should Start Offering Access To A Load Board

Posted on: 4 August 2020


If you run a shipping or trucking company, you know that your clients or customers are always eager to check up on their shipment while it's en route to make sure it will arrive on time. If you'd like your drivers to be able to provide more information about their current shipment back to your headquarters or directly to the customers themselves, it might be time to invest in a truck load board. A load board is an information center that is kept either within the truck itself or increasingly on a mobile app that will track various different points of information about that truck's current shipment. Here's why every truck in your fleet needs to start using a load board today.

Up-to-Date Information for Everyone Who Needs It

A load board can track your truck's current location at all times. This makes it easy to estimate when the truck will arrive at its final destination based on where the load is currently located. If you want to provide your clients with real-time updates on their shipment status, a load board is one of the most effective methods for accomplishing this goal.

At-a-Glance Information for Your Truckers

A load board can contain a lot of information, but it's designed to be ready quickly and easily. If your trucker is out on the road, you might not want them to take their eyes off the road to read the fine print on their latest shipment. A load board can quickly provide important information at a glance so the trucker can educate himself or herself and then re-focus on the road quickly.

Access From Anywhere

Today's load boards only need an Internet connection to update. You can do this through a remote connection on a load board that is installed in the truck's cabin, but you can also do it by using a mobile app. A load board will keep the trucker and the shipping company connected at all times, no matter where in the country the load is currently being hauled.

If you run a trucking company but you do not yet make use of a load board, you, your truckers, and your customers could be missing out on valuable information. A load board can update in real-time to let everyone know the load's current status and whether or not it is going to get to its destination on time. Contact a provider of truck load boards today for more information.