Buying A Shuttle Bus? Key Features To Look For!

Posted on: 7 May 2020


If you have a business, owning a shuttle bus can be a tremendous help. No matter what industry your company happens to be in, having a shuttle bus allows you to pick up and drop off customers and goods or materials with ease and convenience. It's a great amenity that allows your business to stand apart from the rest. The most important thing is to make sure that the bus you select has everything that you need. The tips below can be extremely helpful if you plan to purchase a shuttle bus and need a few ideas about what features to look for.

Aim For A Handicap-Accessible Shuttle Bus

The people that you will come into contact with each day may have different restrictions. While some passengers will be able to leap up into the bus with no problem, others could have a limited range of motion that makes it tough for them to extend their limbs high enough to get on board. It's vital for you to try to accommodate as many people as possible because the lifeblood of your business is all about getting people into your facility. Buying a handicap-accessible bus is absolutely essential because you never know who you could be picking up.

Some buses feature ramps that you can pull up and take down with each stop. As much as possible, try not to guess who may have a physical injury. Although some disabilities can be seen with the naked eye, others are a bit more obscure. Put down the ramp each time you make a pickup so that no one will have to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about their limitations. It's a service to your patrons that they are sure to appreciate.

Take Mileage Into Consideration

Before you land on a final decision concerning which bus you want, take a very close look at the mileage. You have to look at the number realistically because there might be factors at play that aren't necessarily evident at first glance.

For example, you could come across a bus that is ten years old but only has a few thousand miles on it. The age might seem a bit excessive but because there are so few miles on it, you can safely rest assured that you're looking at a gently used vehicle. On the flip side, you could see a gorgeous, one-year-old shuttle bus that just so happens to have an odometer in the six-figure range. This is a bus that was driven a lot in a short period of time. You have to weigh whether it is age or mileage that matters most to you!

Purchasing the right shuttle bus requires thought and a bit of thoughtful consideration. Remember these suggestions so that you can make the best choice. Contact a company that offers shuttle buses for sale to learn more.