Why Is Booking A Beer or Wine Tour Better Than Just Going To The Bar

Posted on: 1 April 2020


If you're looking for something fun to do in your free time, you may want to drink with friends or family. Often times, people head to a bar when they want to have fun and have a few drinks. While this can be enjoyable, we have an idea that can be even more fun. Booking a beer or wine tour is a good way to drink as much as you want in a different setting. Keep reading to see why booking a beer or wine tour is better than just going to a bar:

Try a Variety of Beer

Typically when you go to a bar, you have the same kind of beer or wine that you always drink. It's easy to go for your familiar order every time. When you join a beer and wine tour, you can easily sample new flavors and drinks that you may have not ever gotten to try. 

You Won't Have to Drive Yourself

Driving to and from the bar is frowned upon if you're having more than one or two beverages. The good thing about booking a beer or wine tour is you get to ride around in a vehicle with other passengers and your tour guide. This means you don't need to worry about being unsafe while drinking beer and having fun.

It's Affordable

When you go drinking at the bar, it's easy for the drinks to add up fast. By booking a beer or wine tour, you can enjoy your drinks in a more affordable way. In many cases, the cost of the ticket for a beer or wine tour is quite affordable for the number of drinks you get to have.

It's an Experience

Going to the same bar over and over again is fun, but it's not new. Taking part in a beer or wine tour is a new and exciting experience that you can enjoy. You'll look back on the day and always remember how much fun it was.

You Get to Go to Multiple Places

A beer or wine tour will take you to multiple places. That can be hard to do when you go to the bar unless you're drinking in a very walkable place. A tour will give you the variety that you need.

The next time you want to drink and spend a day having fun with friends, be sure to look into booking a beer or wine tour. This is an experience that is unique and exciting! 

To learn more about wine and beer tours, contact a travel agent in your area.