Heavy Haul Trucking

Posted on: 30 March 2020


Heavy haul trucking refers to hauling oversize and/or overweight loads. In order to qualify as an oversize or overweight haul, the load must be one single item that can't be made any smaller, for example: a tractor or a crane, both bulky and awkwardly shaped loads that can't be taken apart and are just one item. Even though these items are oversize and overweight, they are commonly used and need to be transported, sometimes all the way across the country. That is where heavy haul trucking comes in.

Companies that offer heavy haul trucking service can ensure that an oversize and overweight load is transported safely and legally, wherever it needs to go. You can find heavy haul trucking services all over the United States. 

Since transporting such large items can be dangerous, there are rules that have to be followed. Different states, and even different counties, have permits that a heavy hauler has to obtain before starting the transport. Certain roads don't allow heavy haulers at all, so a route needs to be carefully planned in advance. A heavy haul trucking service will take care of the required permits and will plot the best rout for you. 

Some heavy haul loads are so bulky that they require an escort, called a pilot car, to help guide them safely through traffic and keep the load and passing cars safe. A pilot car usually drives in front of the heavy haul truck and looks out for low hanging power lines, bridges, and other obstacles that could cause a problem for the load. They also serve to warn the public about the need for caution around the oversize load. Sometimes two escort cars are needed, and one will drive ahead and another behind. Pilot cars often have lights and yellow or orange signs. A pilot car can be provided by a heavy haul trucking service when necessary. 

Heavy haulers can haul a wide variety of items, some of the most common include: industrial machinery, tractors, vehicles, boilers, turbines, and houses. 

With heavy hauling, each job is unique and brings its own challenges. Sometimes vehicles are specially made or altered to serve as transport for hard-to-fit items. Many heavy haul trucking companies can assist with this as well. 

Heavy haul trucking companies generally put safety, efficiency, and your load first. They want to be sure your load arrives pristine as quickly as possible without any danger.