Tons Of Luggage Shouldn't Be An Issue For An Airport Service

Posted on: 27 March 2020


Not everyone flies out of town for a fast trip. Nor does everyone take nothing more than carry-on bags with them. Someone headed to Alaska or Vancouver for six months of hiking, fishing, and more probably brings a lot. Clothes and sports equipment, maybe some snowboarding or other leisure items, and various personal belongings might need to go on the trip. Shipping things to the destination isn't always a preferred option. If the airline lets you check your items in at the luggage counter, there shouldn't be any problems. Of course, you have to bring "all that stuff" to the airport. There should not be a problem there, either. An established airport transportation service could help accommodate your requests.

Informing the Airport Service

When booking the trip, let the service know how much luggage you're bringing along. Make sure the service's representatives get a clear idea about the size of the bags and if you are bringing packed up shipping boxes, too. You don't need to itemize everything, but letting them know you have skis and snowboards with you creates a better image in the booking rep's eyes.

Sending the Right Vehicle

Avoid thinking about any preconceived notions about the vehicles available. Sedans and passenger vans designed for ten people are conventional models the services use. They're not the only ones, though. Perhaps an SUV or even a more luxurious cargo van would be good options. For a traveler hauling a lot of luggage, the service probably has the right car, truck, or van ready to go.

All the Right Personnel and Tools

The service isn't only deliberate about sending the best vehicle. The booking reps know what drivers make the best match. A driver with the ability to lift heavy luggage and do so swiftly would probably be the right person to send. And the driver might bring a little assistance in the form of special tools. Bungee cord fasteners in the cargo area of an SUV could keep all the belongings tightly and securely in place. If you were traveling with sports equipment made of fiberglass, for example, the added security could reduce the chances of damage.

Airport Service vs. Rideshare

Airport transportation service consistently helps out travelers with similar "mass quantities" of luggage. Would that be the case with a rideshare service? You won't know the answer until the rideshare driver arrives, and the answer might not be a preferable one — rideshare driving doesn't go hand-in-hand with preplanning. Airport transportation services, however, can work out your unique booking details long in advance.

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