Short Vacation? 5 Ways Airport Transportation Services Save Time

Posted on: 27 March 2020


Do you, like most Americans, have limited time for your vacation? If so, any way to reduce wasted time helps you make the most of your limited hours. One way to contribute to the best use of your time right from the beginning is with prearranged airport transportation. How can this make a big difference in your busy day? Here are a few key ways.

1. Transportation is Waiting for You. Rather than arrive in your destination city and then call for a car, a dedicated shuttle or executive car is waiting for you even before you land. A black car service with a dedicated driver has been watching for your flight and will have adjusted to any changes—both delays and early arrivals. You can move right into your vacation without missing a step.

2. You Avoid Additional Lines. No one likes to spend their vacation time waiting in lines—either in-person or virtual queues. If you decide to arrive at the airport and then hail a ride-share or taxi, you may be waiting for your car along with a number of other travelers. Car rentals might take even longer. This is particularly a problem during busy summer travel seasons and for large events such as conventions or festivals. Avoid queuing by having your ride all booked up and ready to service only you.

3. The Driver Knows Traffic. Many airports become inundated with traffic during peak seasons, days, and times. If you rent your own car and are unfamiliar with the details of traffic patterns in the area, you could end up stuck in the worst of the traffic. You might even run the risk of missing your flight or another event from those traffic issues. Use a professional, experienced local driver to navigate the right way.  

4. You Can Use Downtime. If you're at the wheel of a rental car, you have to focus on navigating the roadways. If, instead, you are picked up and let someone else do the driving, you can start your vacation. How would you rather use the time to and from the airport? Certainly, the possibilities are much more fun to consider. 

5. You Aren't Making Arrangements. If you arrange for airport transportation well before you leave for your trip, you don't have to spend your precious time making any arrangements. Rather than downloading apps and filling out forms or making phone calls, you know that your arrangements are in place and waiting. You have the luxury of taking things off your plate so you can focus on the fun. 

Which of these benefits could boost your vacation the most? No matter what time wasters you want to avoid, quality airport transfer services will be one giant step toward getting the maximum from your well-earned break.