4 Tips For Handling Your Airport Transportation Needs

Posted on: 19 March 2020


Few conveniences are as important for plane travelers as airport transportation. An airport shuttle service provider can help you make sure you get to the terminal in time to deal with the host of challenges that accompanying boarding. There are, however, a few things you should know about getting transportation besides just making a call or logging onto a website. Here are four tips for dealing with your airport transportation requirements.

Figure Out Your Vehicle Needs

There's a huge difference between just needing a car to collect you and a few items and getting a shuttle bus that has to accommodate an entire group. Your situation may call for several shuttles to be deployed. Count up people and figure out how much luggage is going with them. If you're departing, it's also wise to give your group a little more space. People tend to pick up items during trips, and the extra space will make a difference.

You should also think about the most appropriate options. For example, are you willing to share an airport shuttle service with others to get a bit of a discount? If you require privacy, make this known to the company upfront. they'll help you identify the solution that most closely matches your needs.

Schedule in Advance

Particularly if you're dealing with a large group, it's prudent to schedule in advance. You do not want to have to put together airport transportation on the fly if you're trying to get 20 members of a business team, for example, to the terminal.

Pad Your Schedule

The odds that any individual or group is going to handle getting in and out of vehicles in a razor-sharp manner are pretty low. People forget things and run back to the hotel, for example. If you're departing, give yourself at least an hour of slack just for loading and travel time. This is especially important in cities that have traffic problems.

You'll also want to add in a couple more hours of slack to deal with the ticket counter, security, and other inconveniences. It's better to be stuck sitting around an hour or two waiting for boarding than to end up sprinting across a terminal.

Ask About Drop-Off and Pick-Up Zones

Different airports have different security requirements and authorization regimes. Know where the zones will be, and ask the airport transportation firm which ones they have access to. This can make a huge difference in getting in and out of the terminal.